Water Cooler Condenser Removable Tube Sheet Heat Exchangers Manufacturer INDIA

Removable Tube SheetRemovable Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger is a process that involves cutting tubes, pulling out tubes and tube stubs, and even knocking tubes out of the vessel. You can look Elliott for all your tube removal needs ranging from tube cutters tube tuggers pneumatic hammers.The tube removal process includes several process steps that must be performed with critical sequencing and lerances. The initial step of our process is the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) shrinking of the tube -tube sheet expansion joints (where applicable), which is performed with our standard plug removal TIG system. For hard rolled and tubes the shrinking process is necessary relieve the radial stress between the tube and tube sheet. The TIG process is cfully monired for power and travel so that only designated as in the tube shrunk. For some tubes with minimal tube sheet contact, shrinking is not required.


Tube Cutters-Tube Cutters used internally cut from the inside the outside of the tube behind the tube sheet on one end. This lessens the force required pull a tube. To eliminate tube cutting chips in the vessel, tubes should be scored and not tally cut through. The tube cutter needs have sufficient reach cut behind the tube sheet. Proper lubrication and cutting speed will increase cutting blade life.

Tube Pullers- Used break the seal and pull expanded tubes from a tube sheet. A spear or expanding collet is inserted and engaged in the tube inner diameter. A ram or gun applies force exert an extracting force on the tube. The power pull the tube is generated manually or through an hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump can be manually, electrically or pneumatically driven. The pulling force required will vary with the tube size and wall, the depth of the tube sheet and tube material.

Pneumatic Hammers-Pneumatic Hammers an alternative method remove tube stubs from heat exchangers and boilers. Maintenance technicians use piloted knockout ols avoid damage the tube sheet. The knockout ol is inserted in the tube and the impact pneumatic hammer is actuated punch out the tube stub.

Tube Installation (Tube Expanders)-Tube Expanding is the art of reducing a tube wall by compressing the outer diameter of the tube against a fixed container as rolling tubes in tube sheets, drums, ferrules or flanges. Construction of heat exchangers, boilers, and surface condenser tubes is mainly limited copper, steel, stainless steel, and cast iron with exceptions as the use of titanium in ultra high pressure vessel applications. To assure a proper tube joint, the tube wall must be reduced by a predetermined percentage dependent upon the material the tube is constructed

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