Water Cooler Condenser Air Cooled Condenser Selection

The selection of an air cooled condenser is based on the heat rejection capacity at the condenser rather than net refrigeration effect at the evaporator because the refrigerant gas absorbs additional energy in the compressor.

simple example : air cooled Condenser Capacity (THR) = Compressor Capacity x Heat Rejection Factor .

Select air cooled condenser from manufacturers capacity tables, based on R22 and 1K temperature difference. Select air cooled condenser a model that has this capacity, if the model selected is oversized the air cooled condenser will balance the compressor heat rejection at less than the maximum condensing temperature of 50C.

Selection Example :
Compressor capacity: 270,000 BTUH
Ambient temperature 95 F
Refrigerant: R-404A
Condenser type: N RG
Evaporator temperature: +25 F
Condenser altitude: 1,000 feet
Condensing temperature: 110 F
Compressor type: Semi-hermetic, suction cooled

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